PWD Windows Key

Visit This Shot Link and Generator Key


Get Free Key Generator


How to Generator Key:

Step 1:- There you will get a license and there will be a link there, click on the link and there will be a Free Key Generator button, click on the license key page


Step 2:- Click on I am not a robot and fill in the capture. Then click to verify button


Step 3:- Wait 20 seconds here.


Step 4:- After that click here tn continue button


Step 5:- After that Go to Download Link button.


Step 6:- Here you have to give your name and Gmail. Remember that the Gmail that you give here is running to the Google cloud shell in the terminal. and click Verify


Step 7:- Click Generate Key


Step 8:- Here you have to wait for a minute here your account will first be verified and your account will be charisma for RDP then your own key will be created and given to you.


Step 9:- Here your unique key will be shown, this key will not be shared with anyone, you can use it with your rdp, copy it, paste it into the terminal, and go to next.

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