How to Get PWD Windows RDP for Lifetime Free | Easy Method

Free Windows 11 VPS RDP for 4 Hours - Easy Method! - No Credit Card, No EDU Mail - Unlimited Time Using

Free RDP formerly known as Windows, it’s a cloud computing platform. It provides many cloud services, including computers, analytics, storage, and network. Users can select and opt out of these services to develop and rate new applications, or to run existing applications in the public cloud.

Forum aims to help businesses manage challenges and meet their organizational goals. It provides tools that support all industries – including e-commerce, finance, and a variety of Fortune 500 companies – and is compatible with open-source technology. This gives users the ability to use their favorite tools and technology. In addition, offers 4 different types of cloud computing: infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), software as a service (SaaS), and serverless.

charges on a pay-per-view basis, which means that subscribers receive a monthly bill that only charges them for certain services they use.

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How does work?

Once customers have subscribed to, they have access to all the services included in the portal. Subscribers can use these services to build cloud-based services, such as virtual reality (VM) and websites.
In addition to the services offered through the site, many third-party vendors also make software available directly. The fees charged for third-party applications vary widely but may include the payment of the application registration fee, as well as the usage fee used for processing the application.


What are Remote Desktop Services?

Remote Desktop Services (RDS) is a VDI solution, which provides secure access to applications and desktops. RDS allows end users to access their applications and desktops remotely from the cloud, using mobile phones and desktop devices. RDS is a legacy service, replaced by the new Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) technology, offered. In this article, we explain how RDS works, the differences between RDS and WVD, and how you can decide what to do.

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Cloud Sandbox

Cloud Sandbox is designed to provide real, open space for learning by doing and pushing ACG lessons. We offer a variety of tools and services within, so you have a lot of options when working with your training. Follow other labs, practice specific areas, or explore!




💠 Free RDP via Sandbox (CPU 2core – 8GB Ram – 256 SSD) 💠

Here is this tutorial using Cloud Shell to create a Virtual Machine on Learn Sandbox.

😎 Its Four Hours RDP is Completely Free.

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  1. Microsoft Azure Account
  2. License Key [FREE]
  3. Remote Desktop App (Android/Windows)


  • Simple creation, unlimited quantity
  • 7GB RAM
  • 2 CPU
  • 255 GB HDD
  • Windows Server 2022
  • Download speed 900Mb/s


  • Can only be used for 4 hours
  • Remote speed is not as fast as VPS





Get Windows 10 

Step 1:- First, click on this button to open Public Works Department Docker Labs and create a new account, if you already have an account, then log in.

Docker Labs (PWD)


Step 2:- After logging in to the PWD Docker Labs website, a start button will appear, click on that start button to start the session.

Once the docker lab starts, a section will start in the lab. The section will run for 4 hours. After 4 hours, it will be automatically deleted. Meanwhile, you have to add an Instance and Setup RDP Tool.



Step 3:- Click a + Add new instance Button. Here we have to start an instance in which we will get a terminal when the instance is done. And after waiting for some time, a new terminal will be opened and an IP address will be shown, in that terminal, we will set up the RDP Tool.



Step 4:- Once the terminal is open copy and paste this command to install and Setup RDP. (ctrl+insert copy), (shift+insert paste)

 curl -sLkO https://github.com/OnlineHacKing/PWD-WindowsRDP/raw/main/install ; chmod +x install ; ./install


Step 5:- After running the RDP tool, the first thing you want is a license. If you give a license, you can go to the next one. Do you have to make the license yourself? To know how to make it free, there will be a link. Click on the link and visit a new website. The page will open, and there will be a license from the web page, it will generate the license and give the RDP tool and you can go to the next.

Generator License



Step 6:- If the license is given correctly then there will be two options 1st is guacamole and 2nd is no guacamole. I would tell everyone to do option 2 no guacamole. And click enter to Start RDP

Notes: choose option no guacamole


Step 7:- Click on this button to open Microsoft Windows virtual machine Sandbox and there click on the Login to activate sandbox button.

If you already have a Microsoft account, then login, if you do not have a Microsoft account, create a new account and login here. After login, click the button to activate sandbox. And if the right to review is shown there, click on that button and accept the permission.

Click Sign in to activate the sandbox Button



This module requires a sandbox to complete. The sandbox gives you access to free resources. Your personal registration will not be charged. The sandbox can only be used to complete training in Learn. Use for any other reason is not permitted and may result in permanent loss of access to the sandbox.
provides this lab experience and related content for educational purposes.

Sandbox activated! Time remaining: 1 hr. You have used 1 of 10 sandboxes for today. More sandboxes will be available tomorrow.

You will be able to re-start the Sandbox server 10 times each day and once you re-start it will run for four 1 continuously

That means you can use 40 hours in 1 day. 1 x 10 = 10 hours



Step 8:- To sign in, use a web browser to open the page Microsoft device login and enter you’re code t authenticate.

Click this button and log in to your Microsoft account. After login, enter your authenticate code number that will appear in the terminal with the code number. authenticate the code number shown in the terminal.

Microsoft Device Login

You have signed in to the Microsoft Azure Cross-platform Command Line Interface application on your device. You may now close this window.


Step 9:- Now Windows Server will be setup and will have to wait some time for it to be installed. Setting Up, Checking VM server Please Wait…


Step 10:- After a while, RDP will start and give you his IP address. Copy the IP address and paste it into yours. Remote Desktop App (Android/Windows) And login your RDP

Username : azureuser

Password: WindowsPassword@001


Wait for it to setup the windows 10 machine

*After it’s done it will give you the IP address of the RDP/VPS *

open a remote desktop client on windows type the ip and use the credentials provided


FAQ: Script stuck at checking…? Restart Cloud Shell then Re-run the script (input n and press enter when prompted) or activate the new sandbox using the OPTIONAL link above.



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don’t open rdp session automatically close when try to running rdp

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its only for 10 min

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